A Dream Come True

So many things happened since my last post… Spring 2013 was a significant period in my life as a composer since I was starting to work on really nice and serious video games that were actually going on the market. It may sound obvious that a game actually goes on the market, but believe me, a huge majority unfortunately never make it. The game ”MacGuffin Quest” didn’t work as well as Pixel Crucible intended to and the company doesn’t exist anymore, but for me, it was the starting point of my professional career even if the game was not a success. It had a lot of visibility and it allowed me to make a first step in the Montreal indie community, which was the beginning of the dream.

I had a few other projects with indie companies (Phil Hassey, Atoz Studios, Parabole, Illogika, Clever Plays) and when things were going pretty good for me as I was starting to be recognized by my peers, a job offer popped up on my LinkedIn account in April 2014 and a few weeks later, I was a full-time video game composer at Gameloft. I always published my work on Facebook, Soundcloud and my website to have a good visibility and it paid off when one of my Facebook friend referred my name to the company who was looking for 2 new composers. Gameloft contacted me after listening to my stuff and after a music test and 2 interviews, I got the job. All my life I’ve been told that being a musician is a tough path since it’s a lot of work, a lot of skills to manage, it takes so much time to achieve something and you get a thin paycheck in the end, so for me it’s a dream come true to have such a great privilege. I love the job and I can’t believe that every morning I get up and go to work to make music.